One of the most dreaded challenges for homeowners are roof problems in Port St. Lucie.  A damaged roof often means a huge repair bill.  The best way to prevent major problems with your roof is to have it inspected on a regular basis.

Small problems can be detected sooner before they get bigger.

There are various things that can cause problems with your roof.  Residents of extremely windy areas may already be familiar with the issues that excess winds can cause.  They can loosen fasteners over time or even blow the shingles away entirely.  Damaged or missing shingles will leave the roof exposed to leaks and other problems.

Metal areas of the roof may start rusting while wooden areas will be prone to rotting.  Unfortunately, the problems are not limited to the exterior when the roof is involved.  The roof’s main task is to keep water out of your home, so water will find it is way in whenever it fails.

Water inside your home is never something you want to deal with.  It can cause damage in various areas including your windows, doors, or any other wooden structure.  Once the moisture starts running down the walls, they will become discolored.  The effects are not just aesthetic since this will lead to conditions favorable for dry rot.

Roof problems also mean that your family’s health may be at risk.  Water that is lying around will lead to the growth of mold and bacteria. Oftentimes, these problems are not easily noticed either.

You will want to maintain your roof properly so that you do not have to deal with as many roof problems.  As mentioned, have it inspected regularly.  It is a good idea to have it inspected during the spring to take advantage of the favorable weather and prepare for the upcoming hurricane season. Those with skylights and chimneys will definitely need regular inspections. The flashing around these areas gives homeowners the most problems as far as the roof is concerned. 

Florida Coastal Roofing Solutions offers free roof inspections. From routine inspections to new roof installations, our Port St. Lucie Roofing Contractors are experienced, professional, and here to help.