Roofing FAQs

Roofing – Frequently Asked Questions

Before deciding on a roof installation or repair, you have to ask these questions yourself.

1) Do I Need a Roof Inspection?
Some questions to ask yourself:
When was the last time my roof was inspected?
Are there visible signs of damage or wear on my roof?
Florida Coastal Roofing Solutions offers free inspections and provides complimentary comprehensive roof reports.

2) Roof Repair vs. Replacement: What’s Best for My Roof?
Factors I should consider when making this decision
How old is the roof?
How many times has my roof leaked?
Have I gotten an opinion from a professional roofing contractor?

3) Roofing Materials and Options:
Some questions to ask your roofing contractor:
What roofing materials are suitable for my climate and location?
Are there energy-efficient roofing options available?

4) Cost Estimate and Financing:
Questions for your roofing contractor:
How much will the roofing project cost?
Do you offer financing options or payment plans?
Florida Coastal Roofing Solutions provides free estimates and inspections, and also offers financing. We are transparent about pricing from start to finish.

5) Insurance and Warranty:
Will my homeowner’s insurance cover roof repairs or replacement?
In the event of storm damage, talk to your roofing contractor about what options you have.
What warranties are available for roofing materials and workmanship?
We offer a 1-year warranty on all repairs, and a 10-year warranty on all roof replacements.

6) Roofing Timeline:
How long will the roofing project take to complete?
You can expect the tear off to begin about 2-3 weeks out from day of signing. From tear off to install you can expect your roof to be finished in about 3-5 days weather permitting.
What factors may affect the project timeline?
Amount of jobs in the queue
Materials on back order

7) Preparation and Clean-up:
What should I do to prepare my home or property for the roofing project?
Discuss with your sales rep where you would like the trailer to be parked, if you want your gutters to be saved, etc. to prepare you for the day of tear off.
How will you handle clean-up after the project is finished?
The crew is responsible for cleaning up the job site after they are done!

8) Storm Damage and Emergency Repairs:
What should I do if my roof is damaged in a storm?
Contact your local roofing contractor for a free roof inspection! If there is storm damage you may be eligible for a new roof covered by your insurance (You will still have to pay your deductible).
Do you provide emergency roofing services?
Yes! We are available 24/7 for emergency repairs/tarp jobs.

9) Permits and Regulations:
Do I need permits for my roofing project?
Yes! Our office deals with all of this for you!
Are there local building codes or regulations I should be aware of?
FCRS always adheres to the newest Florida building code. If you ever have any questions about these, don’t hesitate to ask!

10) Maintenance and Longevity:
How can I extend the lifespan of my roof?
Routine inspections and maintenance!

11) Gutter and Ventilation:
Do I need to replace or repair gutters along with my roof?
Depending on the type of gutter and type of installation, it may need to replaced. Get with your sales rep about this!
How important is proper ventilation for my roof?
Very important! Your roofing contractor will ensure that each roofing system has proper ventilation.

12) References and Past Projects:
Can you provide references from previous roofing projects?
Absolutely! We have a plethora of satisfied customers, many of which have left positive google reviews.
Do you have a portfolio of completed roofing work?
Yes! We always take before and after pictures of our completed jobs.

13) Safety and Insurance:
Are your roofing technicians insured and trained for safety?
Yes! All crew members are insured with worker’s comp.
What safety measures will be in place during the project?
All crews will wear harnesses attached to a rope in compliance with OSHA standards.

14) Additional Services:
Can you assist with skylight installation or repair?
Yes! Skylight installation and repair is within our scope of work.